Jan 27, 2022 By : Bhoomi, a Grade 8 Cambridge learner

The Voice Without Words

What are words? Merely few letters joined together that have a distinct meaning and are used to communicate with the rest of the world. But are they the only way to tell others what you are feeling? Can everytime these words be able to express the endless emotions we have? Remember, words without meanings cannot be conveyed but meanings without words could be portrayed. With the 7 billion people living on the planet, each one has their own way to express their thoughts and communicate with the world. Be it through dance, music, drama, art, sports or writing each one needs to find a way to express their feelings, interests, opinions because only this will help them to sort out the mess in their minds, help them focus and find true happiness. To say in simple words it is to indirectly convey your message without the need to speak. 

The “Idle Scribbling”

I am sure all of us must have done this so-called “idle scribbling” or doodling at some point of our lives. It could be during classes when you just don’t feel like taking notes, during homework when there seems to be so much to do but you just have no mood, while travelling or even when attending meetings. Whenever we get hold of that perfectly smooth pen don’t you get that temptation to just start scribbling behind the book, on the corners of the page and I have even seen my friend tattooing her whole hand with it. If you think this is some kind of time-pass, you are totally wrong. Many studies show that this “idle scribbling” is actually our subconsciousness. It is the act of drawing while being mentally preoccupied with something and it actually helps us to relax and improve our focus. This brings me to tell you about my way of expressing myself and communicating with the world- through art.

An Untold Story

Do you know the beauty of art? Art has no rules, no barriers, no boundaries to stop you. You are the creator of it and only you can judge it. No one can tell you that it is wrong, what could look better or how it should be done? The power art gives me to just draw out with no specific instructions to follow and the best thing is that there is no mistake you can make because you are the person who made it and has control over it. For me art is a story. A story that could be different for each one who perceives it. It is a voice that silently screams something very meaningful. It’s not the end result that is important but your emotions when you draw it, the story you want it to portray and your perspective behind it. Not every work needs to be like the Mona Lisa but a simple butterfly could also be considered the best artwork in your eyes because of the memories it stores. 

Imperfectly perfect

Do you know who the most brilliant artists are? Small children because they don’t draw for it to come out as a perfect masterpiece. They have no expectations from their artwork and they don’t desire that it is the best or looks amazing. They just draw freely to express the things they like, they see and it can bring happiness to anyone who looks at it not because it is perfection but emotion. That is why do things you like not for it to look good to others but for you to jot down that overflow of thoughts which can’t be said. Do it freely while exploring its colorful side and without thinking about what if it goes wrong or what others will think? Let your silent voice scream the loudest through the activities you like.

About the Author:

Hi! I am Bhoomi, a Grade 8 Cambridge learner. Earlier, Art used to have a completely different meaning in my life. Each artwork needed to be perfect, without a single mistake. In my wish for it to be “ideal and flawless” I lost the chance to freely explore and have fun. As I spent more time with something I loved and took inspiration from my art teacher, I tried to look at it from a completely different angle. I hope through this blog I can share my view of art and its loud voice without the need of words.