Career Counselling

In today’s world, there is a multiplicity of career options and opportunities for our young adults in the world around. At Legacy, it is important for us to help our leaners not just identify the career path they will take but also providing them skills required.

Hence it is imperative for us to co-plan their journey beyond school. We have worked on a 4-year career planning curriculum for our high school students starting from Grade 9.

While we prepare them for understanding the relevance of college prep, we conduct workshops on essay writing, college selection, life skills like time management, finding one’s purpose and engage students and parents in a continuous dialogue. We also conduct awareness and interactive workshops for parents on the social, emotional and financial preparedness of family for their child’s education. We further help students to select schools that are a good fit for their talents, interests, achievements and abilities.

We have partnered with international organisations like IACAC – International Association for College Admission Counseling and IC3- International College Counselors Conference to impart training to our in-house counsellors to facilitate global interaction among them, their peer career counsellors and institutions in support of secondary students transitioning to higher education.

Counsellors further provide guidance, help set deadlines, monitor the application progress, and generally “be available” for students when needed. They provide important resources and guide students on accessing these college application resources to find the answers to their doubts. They further submit all the supporting documents that colleges and universities require.

It is a sincere endeavour to make sure that each child graduating from Legacy finds the best fit in term of course as well as a college or a university.