Student Profile

The world around us is changing at a staggering pace. Our children have access to technology that is rapidly advancing and new jobs are constantly being created that didn’t exist even a couple of years ago. Nowadays, people are not just changing organizations, but changing industries and being a part of creating these new jobs that support a rapidly evolving global economy. To prepare our students to pace up with the change, discover themselves and to prepare them for their future, we believe that it is a shared responsibility between the parents and school to teach and provide opportunities for students to develop a variety of skills, values and attributes, which they can use in any career or life situation. These skills, values and attributes, which our teachers and students have come to refer to as ‘SVAs,’ are a key aspect of our curriculum. Teachers regularly encourage the development and reflection of these SVAs across all subjects and student life. There is a clear mapping of how these are developed over the pre-primary, primary and secondary years programs.