Global Perspectives

The study of global perspectives provides opportunities for student inquiry into, and reflection on, key global issues from a personal, local, national and global perspective. Global Perspectives encourages awareness of global problems and offers opportunities to explore possible solutions through cooperation and collaboration. The course is not about getting everybody to think identically; rather it is a matter of opening minds to the great complexity of the world and of human thought and opening hearts to the diversity of human experience and feeling.

Young people today globally face unprecedented challenges in an interconnected and information-heavy world, not least in how they will gain a sense of their own active place in the world and cope with changes that will impact on their life chances and life choices.

Students through the course will have opportunities to acquire and apply a range of skills, including  – gathering, synthesizing and communicating information – collaborating with others to achieve a common outcome – analyzing and evaluating planning, processes, and outcomes – developing and justifying a line of reasoning Students will explore stimulating topics that have global significance. They will assess information critically and explore lines of reasoning. They will learn to collaborate with others from another culture, community or country, directing much of their own learning and developing independence of thought. The syllabus emphasizes the development and application of skills rather than the acquisition of knowledge. Students will develop transferable skills that will be useful for further study and for young people as active citizens of the future.

As a forward-thinking institution, we have introduced this subject for all students from the age of 3 years to 17 years. The subject focuses on transdisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary learning and lays the foundation for involvement with parents and the community. It also embeds well with International School Award where our students work with the children in another geography and understand different perspectives to the same issue, helps us create awareness on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and develop opportunities for service learning projects. In brief Global Perspective is a mirror to learning at Legacy.