Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Legacy is a vibrant program that offers Dance, Music, and Theatre. Each discipline of music, dance, and drama engages the whole child, from mental and physical domains to the emotions and understanding of the self and our relationships with others. This rich multidimensional stimulation and development foster the student’s confidence, self-awareness, and joy in self-expression. At Legacy School, we interlink all three performance disciplines to create a more refined and holistic approach to Performing Arts. The Performing Arts department has chosen the word. ‘Kaleidoscope’ to represent its multi-faceted approach to Arts.

The word, Kaleidoscope literally means fracturing the vision of a single scene into a multitude of different forms of the same. This term aptly describes our performing arts portfolio at Legacy, which incorporates dance, music, and theatre sessions to artist workshops,  field trips, festivals, productions, and, our latest initiative, the Pro Team! 
The Legacy School Pro Team is an exclusive team of student performers who are nurtured in the arts and provided with unique and exclusive opportunities to work with noted artists and creators. The Pro Team is a vision of Legacy School which provides meaningful experiences to empower our learners as creative change makers!
In keeping with our vision of being change makers, the performing arts department works towards creating new initiatives and flagship events that reflect the vision and mission at Legacy. Our integrated arts festival – INICIO is the first of its kind, within which our Performing Arts faculty join hands with the Visual Arts Department to celebrate arts of all forms.
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