Child Safeguarding

At Legacy School, we have envisioned our institution to be a peaceful, secure, safe, friendly and happy place for children and educators to interact; where learning is interesting, challenging, exciting and enjoyable; where a child feels protected and loved, a school which meets a child’s learning, educational and holistic developmental needs. In view of this, we have always had a number of measures in place to safeguard the wellbeing of our children to the best of our ability. The safety measures include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 24 Hours Security and CCTV Surveillance
  • Lady security officers have been assigned as campus vigilance officers
  • Child Protection Committee and School Security Officer have been appointed
  • Child helpline numbers have been displayed in all classrooms and corridors
  • First Aid and Fire-safety training has been given to the staff to attend to emergencies
  • Police verification of all staff members has been executed
  • Students are not left unsupervised
  • Lady attenders have been stationed near restrooms
  • The preschool students are always accompanied to the washrooms by a female attendant
  • Any sporting activity is always conducted on the field or the basketball court, in plain sight. For pre-primary children, the respective lady class teachers also accompany the students for all sports.
  • There is constant vigilance and rounds made by the Principal, Coordinators and Administrative Staff
  • The community always keep alert for any unknown/suspected persons loitering outside the campus
  • All visitors, including parents, are required to make an appointment before they enter our campus
  • Significant care is taken to ensure that only visitors with confirmed appointments are allowed to enter campus during work hours
  • Students attendance is taken in the morning and in the afternoon
  • Students opting for school transport assemble in their respective bus lines and board the bus with a lady attender after their attendance has been taken by a faculty or student leader.