The beautifully landscaped 3-acre campus is home to our boutique school, one that is designed to act as a living-learning space and which provides our students with an ideal environment – safe, comfortable, well-equipped and conducive to their development and growth.

Legacy School has created a modern educational space that puts student experience at the forefront of design. We firmly believe in the need to invest in external context and landscape design along with cutting-edge classroom design in order to accommodate student as individuals in a living-learning habitat. Our learning space is double that of a traditional classroom while our student enrolment capacity is significantly lower than comparable schools the same size.

Our seating arrangement is made in a manner to offer both individual learnings as well as collaborative working opportunities; our furniture offers flexibility to reorganise space into any form as desired or planned by teachers based on their lesson plan or activity, our students have far more space and mobility than a student in a traditional classroom.

With right combinations of settings of all classroom factors, we have seen dream of student-centred classrooms with equal opportunities for everyone come to life, where we have seen increased student engagement, enhanced student performance, improved teacher-student relationships, exciting conversations about learning amongst children from different age groups, increased opportunities of peer learning and coaching, self-management and higher accountability.

Intelligent Design: Our beautifully-landscaped boutique campus on Hennur-Bagalur Road in Bangalore is a quirky mix of the modern and quaint, reflecting our passion for assimilating the local and the global. Our co-learning spaces have been planned while accounting for less tangible aspects like connectivity and interaction as well as the more standard criteria like air temperature and ventilation. Our goal has been to optimise our physical spaces to be as efficient and responsive as software. As more “collisions” result in more excellent and better communication, collaborative practices, faster decision-making and higher positive energy, we have created state-of-the-art co-learning /co-working spaces to enable proximity and encourage learning and innovation. We also have all the accoutrements of a traditional school like two academic blocks, laboratories, gymnasium, multi-purpose play areas, amphitheater, synthetic basketball courts, library, art and music studios, student gallery, presentation and conference rooms, infirmary, and so on – which neatly fits into our 3-acre property due to the well-planned layout.

Open Classrooms: Our hybrid or flexible classrooms have proven to be a resounding success with the student and teacher community leading to increased engagement with peers, multiple interactions across grade levels for collaborative efforts, constant sharing of best practices, and seamless integration of technology in learning. The design of these collaborative learning spaces promotes active learning and deep engagement, which are core principles of learning at Legacy.

We have an array of support services

  • Fleet of school buses that provide reliable, timely and safe transport services
  • 24 Hours Security and CCTV Surveillance
  • The Oval – our sports ground
  • Synthetic Surface Basketball Court
  • Amphitheatre
  • Exclusively designated area for the Montessori children
  • Multi-play recreational children’s park
  • Well-appointed classrooms
  • Digital Smart Boards & LCD projectors
  • Audio-visual presentation facilities
  • Library with an internet hub
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs
  • Computer and Graphic Design Lab
  • State of the art Co work- Co learning Space
  • LAN and wi-fi internet
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Art & Music Rooms
  • Gallery & Presentation Rooms Infirmary
  • Catered Lunch Services
  • 40 tech enabled learning pods with Apple TV
  • 3 state of the art presentation rooms