Student Development

Schools, as learning communities have a responsibility to create a legacy of leading within and outside their communities, not just by creating leadership positions for students but by creating leaders who will transform.

In order to do this, it is important to have a path that includes –

  • A common understanding of leadership within the school community
  • Leadership roles for students within the school community
  • Mentoring of student leaders to allow for their transformation
  • Structured and planned opportunities for student leaders to work closely with and for the school community

Transforming Leadership, the mentoring programme for the student leaders at Legacy School, Bangalore aims to –

  • Develop an understanding of leadership that is transformational
  • Nurture leadership qualities and skills like reflection, communication, collaboration, conflict-resolution and problem-solving
  • Integrate humility and service into leadership roles
  • Create clarity on the role of leaders in the school
  • Derive an action plan for the leadership roles

Through regular interactive interventions with students and teacher mentors, the programme takes on a deeper look at leadership – in spirit and practice.

Being a leader cannot be the goal – it is a journey of transformation that a child can embark upon. A child who gets an opportunity to be a leader today will probably be a leader in the different roles she/he plays in life. We endeavour to equip and nurture our students to become the reflective, empathic and courageous leaders who we would want to see transforming the world, in the years to come.