Health and Wellness Programme

A child’s schooling experience immensely influences their life. Daily experiences of success, when socializing and partaking in academics and co-scholastics activities can contribute positively to the self-esteem and well-being of children. Students face various challenges at different stages of development and require guidance and support to learn how to function effectively within their environment. An expert’s guidance can facilitate this process through counseling with the teachers, parents, and students – as one interconnected system.

At Legacy School, we have a well-trained Clinical Psychologist with a team of two dedicated counselors for Primary and Secondary school to promote the mental health and well-being of members of our community. The Counsellor works in tandem with teachers, parents, students and the School management to develop and maintain an environment that enhances the quality of life amongst all individuals. Our ethical professional practices adhere to international norms in Counselling in the context of complete confidentiality, respect for individual beliefs and cultures.

Our Counselling department offers the following services on campus:

  1. Individual counselling/therapy sessions (cognitive behaviour therapy) for students for academic, interpersonal social-emotional issues
  2. Life skills training for self-reliance, critical thinking skills, and social cooperation
  3. Comprehensive sex education encompassing discussion on awareness of physical-sexual-emotional-cultural issues, healthy relationships and socialization
  4. Individual/group sessions for teachers to adapt healthy coping strategies to strengthen student-teacher relationships and to promote a more conducive learning environment
  5. Individual/group sessions for parents (cognitive behaviour therapy, psycho-education, emotion focused therapy) for dealing with parenting challenges for students of different age groups
  6. Parenting workshop series for parents of toddlers, pre-adolescents and adolescent students
  7. Screening and intervention for students at risk of academic and emotional-behavioural difficulties including learning difficulties and / or attention issues