Nidhi Udani

Board Member & Operations Director

Schools are people organizations, where the role of administration is centred on bringing people together as a community to achieve a common purpose. The role of an administrator is so critical in ensuring that as organization we recognize and care for our community – for their well-being, the relationships we share, the emotions we experience, the attitudes we portray and the values we hold dear that help shape and influence the climate or culture in an organization. Nidhi strives each day to ensure that we are able to care for every member of our community and provide them with all the necessary support, and resources, to ensure that we function successfully and achieve high levels of efficiency as a progressive organization.

Nidhi, an engineer by qualification, is a process driven person who has a strong EQ and deeply values human relationships. In her previous role, she worked in an multinational corporate organization, which has been essential in enabling the establishment of various systems and processes to ensure the effective functioning of the schools. Since 2014, she has helped the team to lead the schools’ operations and the managing of human talent and capital.

Nidhi has successfully completed the AAIE International Child Protection Leadership Team Certification Program and has assisted in developing Child Safeguarding policies and practices for the schools. As a learner, she has recently completed certificate courses in Educational Leadership from the International Baccalaureate and also in leading and managing operations in educational institutions.

Nidhi’s varied experience, versatility and ability to listen, and support, colleagues helps greatly in creating a positive climate that motivates our team to always contribute their best efforts; the ability to shape, support and influence our school culture and practices in this regard have been of tremendous value to the efficient functioning and growth of our schools. She has played a vital role in training, mentoring and managing the administration, operations, and human capital staff members, departments and practices.

Nidhi is a happy, amiable, approachable, enthusiastic and caring person. She is a principled person who possesses a strong value system which resonates with and supports the values of our institution. She leads by example and earns the respect of her colleagues, peers and seniors.

“Like many others, I followed a path I never knew was not meant for me, until the question of self-doubt arose. At that moment I paused and visited Legacy School, and have stayed here ever since. Within a short span of time I knew I had found my calling.”

Working as a leader in school administration has been a journey of self-discovery, of unlearning and relearning, leading and following and a tightrope walk with people to ensure that we achieve a sense of comfort / balance while still maintaining a forward momentum as a progressive institution.

Working in a close-knit community in a people-focused organization has further strengthened my values in caring for human relationships, it now with an even greater sense of ownership and responsibility that I nurture them while simultaneously cultivating and establishing processes. While creating opportunities for my peers to grow personally and advance professionally, through chosen, and unexpected, challenges I have experienced the same in a very enriching and rewarding manner.

Knowing that our work has a significant influence and impact on student success is both, empowering and gratifying. I remind myself of this every day and use this as fuel to motivate me to ensure that my role as a leader and our work as administrators is carried out with a sense of purpose to continue strengthening our ever-growing community.