May 20, 2022 By : Arihaan

AI Covid Warriors Contest

I got to know about the AI Covid Warriors contest through an email from our school guidance counselor. The email interested me and I started to think about competing. The contest was hosted by the online self-learning platform called AI World School and was about using Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to fight Covid-19.

I began thinking about project ideas, and focused on an idea to help people who didn’t know what to do or what they felt. I decided to make a facial recognition system with code to help people know what they were feeling and gave them a bit of advice on what to do next.

There were two options for the project, with code or without code. I chose the code option over the no-code option because I have been learning about coding using the Python programming language and I thought this would be a good opportunity to test out my skills and to learn some more.

I faced a few challenges, but the biggest challenge I faced was comprehending the vast Tensorflow library Keras. This library was a little hard to understand and its size was very intimidating, but I was able to understand the key commands of it. Still, I am yet to understand some commands.

If I try to make this application better to release to the public, I should definitely get much more data to make my model much more accurate. This time, the model was wrong most of the time as there was not enough data. I would also try to integrate my application into the face unlocking feature in most smartphones so that my application would feel less intrusive to the user.

I am quite thankful to AI World School for hosting this contest and our school guidance counselor for sending out this contest opportunity.

About the Author

Hello, my name is Arihaan! I am a Grade 6 student at Legacy School Bangalore! My two favorite things are books and computers. After hearing about this contest from our school guidance counselor, I knew I had to enroll. In this blog, I hope to help you understand more about my thought process and to inspire future coders.