Jul 22, 2020 By : Ms. Soni Das, Legacy Parent

Why is a workout routine important for kids during COVID19?

Exercise has always been crucial for kids. But now in this pandemic, it has become essential. There are many benefits and reasons for kids to exercise now.

Firstly, to help fight and avoid COVID 19 immunity plays an important role. A lot of kids tend to have a weak immune system, making them vulnerable. The Journal of Sport and Health found that exercise helps boost immunity. Exercise does help kids get better resistance, and now they don’t have to worry about their protection. Also, in this pandemic, there is a good chance kids may develop anxiety and fear, as shown in research. Having stress can affect kids in a lot of ways, so, to avoid apprehension and to relax, exercising is a good idea. 

During this lockdown, children will tend to get bored. Wearing a mask and playing an outdoor game can be challenging. Make exercise routine fun and challenging for kids to look forward to it. Here are some fun tips for your kids.

  • Plan the exercises for 30 minutes on alternate days.
  • Do not disclose the tasks. It will help build curiosity and keep them engaged.
  • Design partner workout and sometimes competition. For eg. duration of a plank, the highest number of jumping jacks in a minute, number of continuous skips, and more.
  • Video record the workout. Please share with friends and allow them to share with their friends. Appreciation from peers is a great motivation.
  • Be a role model and workout with them. A healthy way to spend time together.
  • Appreciate their effort. It is important!

So plan a workout with your kid(s), record it and share it with us @ events@lsb.edu.in