Apr 08, 2021 By : Tia, Cambridge Primary Learner

What it means to be a leader?

Student council, a place of unlimited opportunities and learning. I consider this to be a treasure of knowledge where one can take whatever one wishes to gain.  It’s definitely a confidence booster and with that comes all its attached advantages.  Being in the council was not an added responsibility but a beautiful journey that has helped me immensely now and which I will remember in years to come.  Fun, fun, fun was the way we learnt and grew together as a team.  Council training has made a big impact on me in various ways.  Thanks to Ms. Neha for her patience with us and ensuring that the learning was an exciting process.  The core of the student council was not just a team working together but one where working together to EXCEL in whatever we took upon ourselves.

Being part of the student council has also made me realize my areas of improvement which is critical for my growth as a student as well as an individual.

Being a sports captain was a privilege and I am grateful to all my teachers and my council members for all that they have done.

I would like to conclude by saying 

“Having a role model is important but being a role model is where we need work and this opportunity has laid the path for me.“   


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I am Tia, a Grade 5 Cambridge Learner, full of life and loves to explore things. I don’t believe there is anything I can’t do if I put my heart and soul to it.  My passion is football and I enjoy cycling. My love for cakes was so much that I learnt to bake and now I bake cakes for my family for all their birthdays. I calm myself down by playing the piano and listening to music. I tune to my logical side by coding. That’s me!