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May 25, 2022

Poetry And I

This pandemic has been particularly hard on everyone. Talking especially about coping through it, this COVID 19 situation brought about a whole new wave of creativity with billions of people exploring new hobbies and indoor activities they can enjoy to keep themselves out of boredom. And you could say that I was one of them – exploring a range of (though not that many) activities and fun stuff I could do to keep myself entertained. 

I shifted from painting and drawing (it was okay, I guess), to reading books by various authors from Rick Riordan to Agatha Christie, to practicing loads of songs on my favorite instrument – the violin (man, did my fingers hurt) and the one thing that finally stuck with me was….poetry. 

I was always interested in English literature and writing and stories from the beginning, and practicing poetry helped me strengthen my writing skills and opened a window to express myself to the world. Of course, I’d only just started but people were telling me that I was actually good, so I started writing more and more till I finally got the hang of it (a little). I started by writing poems which were “metaphorical”, to the most part – about Dreams, Opportunities and Hope. Another thing I learned from taking up poetry was that Actions and words speak the same volume. It’s what has the most impact that matters. 

It was fun, to write and rewrite and experience how great poets of the past had eventually started out: with a pen and paper and nothing but their imagination. Sometimes, I would daydream about me as a poet in the future, and then I would be slapped back to reality and realize I had a blank sheet of paper which had about as much as absolutely nothing. 

One of the poems I’d like to post on this blog would be my latest works on the pandemic; talking about all the stress, hardwork and pressure our frontline workers had and still go through to keep us all safe. We owe you all. 

Thank You. 


The night was darkening, 

Hope was dwindling, 

Would we survive? 

Would we still thrive?

Scared and restless,

Locked up at home,  

Some with family, 

Some all alone.


Children begging for help, 

Cases and deaths on the rise, 

Would we survive?

Would we still thrive?

But then you arrived, 

A rainbow of hope, 

Shattering the darkness, 

You helped us all cope. 


You would work all day, 

And work all night, 

We owe you so much, 

For all your fearless might. 

With new wave upon wave, 

Crashing on our shore, 

You conquered them all, 

Surfing to restore, 


Our hope and dreams,

Reborn we smile, 

But is that enough, 

To make it all worthwhile?

You have done so much, 

And suffered endlessly, 

Our eyes have opened now, 

And now, we see. 


Thank you for helping. 

Thank you for being there. 

Thank you for being who you were. 

And Thank you for everything you did. 

But most importantly, Thank You


I hope this helped everyone struggling out there today, and truly, we all Thank You, for being the rainbow, the ray of light, of hope, of sunshine, and the liveliness, that brightened our dull lives. 

Thank you. 


About the author:

Hi! I’m Maya, a Grade 8 Cambridge Learner and one of my favorite pastimes when I’m bored is poetry. I’m also into reading, painting and video games (sometimes) but speaking out loud’s definitely not my first pick. Words help me express myself more than talking out loud ever did and if those words happen to rhyme and fall into a pattern – what’s better than that?