Saad Sait

Board Member & Executive Director

Saad is a passionate educator and principled leader that is committed to providing all our students, colleagues and members of our community in his care with a meaningful education that will help them evolve into better people. He is a staunch believer in collaborative efforts and seeks to actively engage all the various stakeholders of the school community to achieve the school’s vision collectively.

As a person, Saad is known for his sense of simplicity, straightforward, down-to-earth and empathetic nature. An enthusiastic learner himself, he is characterized by his strategic foresight, aesthetic sensibilities, and heuristic intelligence. He continually strives to learn and be a thought leader, as he is keen to create a significant impact in the field of education.

As a leader, he emanates a passion-driven and entrepreneurial mindset, which is characterized by his open-minded, innovative, risk-taking and divergent approach, and resilient nature. As a practitioner, he emphasizes an expectation of excellence, which is seen in his meticulous attention to detail and quality across every realm.

Saad joined Legacy School as the Director and was personally vested with the initial responsibility of ensuring the transition of the school from its earlier known avatar – Vidyaniketan Academy to the Legacy School campus. Over the last nine years, his role has been pivotal in the founding of Legacy School, Legacy Early Years and now Kai Early Years. It his passion and drive that motivates the team to continually challenge the status quo and pursue international best practices that help advance student outcomes. It is under his agile leadership, that the schools have grown significantly in the quality of their programs and practices that have helped the schools gain a reputation of being truly progressive. The schools over the years have received numerous recognitions and awards.

Saad pursued his education in India and the United States and began his professional career in the field of education at a top-ranked, private university in the United States. He most recently has completed certificate courses in Educational Leadership from Harvard University (USA) and the International Baccalaureate. In 2009, he returned to India with the conviction/aspiration of bringing about a meaningful change in the type of education. He has been invited to talk on many prestigious platforms on a range of school leadership topics. In September 2018, he was recently recognized and awarded as one among the top 50 Visionaries – Leading Icons in Education and has received an award for being the Education Icon of the Year – 2018.

“I believe that at the heart of a great, high-functioning school, are passionate and skilled people who come together every day to champion children and their learning. As a leader, I strive each day to motivate our faculty, staff, students, parents and community members to strive towards achieving a shared purpose. This is the primary reason why I invest a significant amount of my time, efforts and experiences to help influence, shape and advance organizational culture.

As an educator and leader, I firmly believe in the power of collaboration and work towards building and sustaining reciprocal partnerships to cultivate a caring, progressive and culturally responsive school. I place great importance on relationships and seek to enable stakeholders with agency. I help to actively support the team in identifying the needs of the organization and building capacity. I am deeply committed to empowering those in our care and encourage everyone to keep engaging in purposeful learning every day. I aim to continue my journey of building, strengthening and expanding a community of progressive educators and students, who are open to taking intellectual risks and impacting a meaningful change in our world.”