Feb 25, 2021 By : Samhita, Grade 5 Cambridge Learner

My Lab of Fun Experiments

Like any other skill, cooking is an important life skill that takes a lot of effort and practice. I love cooking. Whenever I was hungry, my mother taught me how to cook simple food. Now, I am able to cook many dishes safely. I have realized that cooking is more than just making food. I feel calm and learn many things when I cook.

My kitchen is a laboratory where I can conduct different experiments. I am able to observe many things while I am in the kitchen. When it comes to science, I am able to witness many chemical reactions- like when I bake a cake. Cooking would be nothing without my knowledge of Math- when adding baking soda to the cake the right amount must be added. I can see fractions, decimals, basic operations, and several mathematical concepts being applied when I am in the kitchen.

 I am able to cook many types of dishes, and this was possible through my understanding of Global Perspectives. South Indian and North Indian Dishes, Italian Pasta, American Burgers, and French Fries – I see how different regions have different food habits. I am able to use many exotic ingredients and understand their uses as well. To me, the most important part of cooking is making healthy dishes. My family encourages me to eat healthily and I have learnt the benefits of healthy food. I like most fruits and vegetables. I am able to learn to make my favourite food in a healthy way. I am glad to have such a wonderful hobby that teaches me Science, Math, Culture, Health, and Taste.

About the Author:

My name is Samhita. I am 11 years old. I like to cook because it keeps me calm. I enjoy cooking alongside my grandfather as we experiment with all kinds of food! I also love learning at home. I always like to connect what I learn to what I cook. During this lockdown I was able to develop my cooking skills.