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Jun 09, 2020

Evolution in the Learning Journey From a Learner to a Scholar

It is rightly said that change is the only constant, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that change transposes itself as the beacon of evolution. As the concept of education evolved, from being the act of sharing knowledge into a gateway institute to the understanding of the world around us, so did the concept of imparting education.

From what used to be the development of life skills and the discussion of philosophical ideologies, the broad horizon of education now includes a framework and opportunity to explore individual interests, while acquiring basic knowledge about the workings of our universe and society. Along came a new structure, defined by meticulous planning. Terms like syllabus, curriculum, and thereby co-curricular and extra-curricular activities became the pillars of this structure, facilitated by educators and students, who took learning to a whole new level.

In the present scenario, contextual learning is key. What education seeks to achieve here, is the development of appropriate skills that equip an individual to contribute to their surroundings, both, by means of professional and personal choices. So while academics remains at the heart of education, activities like music, theatre, sports, art, encourage a child to explore their more salient talents.

Furthermore, while children work towards pursuing their interests, parents always find themselves under the looming question about their future – financial and social security. Given the fact that society, up until now, has normalised the idea that excellence in core academic subjects as the only means to success, the onus of guiding children (and their parents) through this cloud of confusion and judgement falls upon the educator.

Mentoring is the new teaching
Educators today are more conscious about the consequences of their words and actions. Right from their choice of words, their body language and the way in which they acknowledge their students, there is clear motive to comfort and encourage them, as opposed to intimidating or burdening them through unscientifically planned syllabi. Simplifying the journey of education by giving personal attention to each child, makes their process more fulfilling and learning more fruitful.

It is also not a secret that children are bound to face challenges that go beyond education in their school life. While peer pressure, inter-personal skills and friendships, among other things, can cause a dilemma and discomfort, it is of utmost importance for educational institutions today to identify their existence and delicately handle these emotions and situations. This need has given rise to guidance counsellors and educational counsellors, who are expected to perform this very function seamlessly in the education infrastructure.

Adapting to the ways of life
Another significant quotient in education, one that has evolved to be a part of the basic framework itself in recent times, is service learning. Years of high-standard education on one hand, and the lack of social awareness on the other hand, is as good as no education at all.

Empowered with an ability to understand the complex needs of the world, which in today's reality is sustainability, empathetic living, progressive thinking, digital disruption, the leaders and makers of tomorrow will be able to design a future in a more responsible manner. Fostering young minds to take accountability for their actions and be considerate of the broader consequences of a simple act can go a long way to change the way we view education altogether.

Responsible Scholarship
The scholarship programme at Legacy School Bangalore is deeply rooted in the philosophy of education that encompasses all the fine aspects of an individual’s preparation for life, as they grow to realise there ambitions.

The Grade 11 scholarship programme will cover 25% to 100% tuition fees, for those students who are committed and ambitious in their pursuits, be it academics, community service, innovation, performance arts or sports.