Mar 25, 2021

Chaos Management – From The Diaries of A 15 year Old

Time Management

The future of humanity has always been unpredictable, and major challenges⁠, have always been a part and parcel of life. However, technology has enabled us to reimagine the world we live in, with the increasing virtual events, online internships and the easy access to our social life from our very own homes. This allowed me as a student to explore and plunge into my areas of interest. With no need to travel to attend school, and extracurricular classes, I thought I had a lot of free time. 

With COVID-19 I had nothing on my plate, waiting for normalcy to return. But, nothing changed and I realised it was time to adapt and try out new things, so I experimented with coding, started a business and fundraising project, attended MUN’s, and took part in other initiatives…It was then I realised that I was doomed in chaos – Things started to clash. I didn’t know how to stick to my commitments and nor could I break them. 

So here’s what I did:

  • Didn’t waste a single minute and worked in between classes
  • Started working from the toughest so that the easiest is left. 
  • Made an achievable checklist with realistic goals.
  • Created a schedule planner to manage my time. 
  • Didn’t pile up my homework

When you think you have free time, don’t fall for it as no one truly has ‘free’ time. 

By: Ansh, Grade 9 Cambridge Learner


About the author:

Hi! I am Ansh from Grade 9. I love gymnastics, basketball, coding, science and definitely blogging. My enthusiasm and curiosity along with experimenting, inventing, learning and discovering are elements of my day to day life. While it helps me try new things and enjoy it sometimes gets me into a mess. In fact, that’s what sparked an idea to my blog about the chaos in my life and how I dealt with it. This blog was the first page of my diary and many more are yet to come! Watch out for interesting blogs from me!