Professional Learning

Teaching is a constant cycle of disseminating, learning, reflecting and evolving into a more progressive educator. Legacy provides its staff with many differentiated opportunities to learn frequently and in a robust, supportive and challenging manner that provides constant feedback and development. Legacy has developed sophisticated internal systems and processes that allow for the sharing of best practices in all areas of education amongst peer groups, leadership teams, and external resource persons. Additionally, teachers are encouraged to participate in workshops and conferences related to their area of expertise, and complete internationally recognized, rigorous training programs to develop their competencies

Leadership Training: Legacy believes that all teachers can be on the leadership track when given adequate training. We engage in several initiatives like internships, residencies, cohort groupings, coaching and mentorship programs, interactive workshops and university-based courses that prepare our staff for new leadership roles and responsibilities. Leaders may be required to mentor new teachers, lead school improvement efforts, develop curriculum, manage administrative departments, and provide professional development for their colleagues.

The school invests on School Leadership training at all three levels, details of which are listed briefly below:

Teacher training – We do it at three levels introductory, extension and enrichment for instructional strategies, pedagogy, curriculum enrichment as well as classroom management techniques. These are conducted internally with almost 200 hours annually spent on learning with experts, through peers, reflection and sharing. Through observation of the classroom, we identify training needs and ensure all teachers externally attend at least 24-40 hours of training with Cambridge, IB and other pedagogical experts for all levels. These training can be attended online or in person.

Middle-level leadership training – It indeed is an essential responsibility of any institute to help their colleagues reach their optimum potential. We identify both potential and aspiration in our colleagues and invest in training them in carrying out the leadership role in their subject domain as well as general leadership. We have a robust system of training teacher leaders who train and lead in their core subjects as HODs and further become internal trainers and mentors for their colleagues. We invest in strengthening their skills in educational leadership through extension and enrichment training programmes externally. All our teacher leaders year after year have been attending leadership training modules with internationally acclaimed trainers in a platform like TAISI ( The Association of International Schools of India) annual conference since 2014, IB regional conferences and organizations like Consilience Learning.

School leadership training – Understanding our role and responsibility as leaders to create nurturing an environment for the whole school community, we undergo training programmes in all spheres impacting school life i.e. pedagogy, strategic financial and human resource management, supporting, evaluating and developing teacher quality, advancement, improving student and school performance and building stronger ties with the community. Again we attend training programmes facilitated by Cambridge professional development, TAISI ( The Association of International Schools of India), IB and organizations like Consilience Learning.