Dec 24, 2020 By : Parent

A Diary of Parenting a Child with Special Needs

My child was diagnosed with ADHD in January 2019. As a parent, I struggled with the diagnosis as my child didn’t show the ‘usual’ symptoms of ADHD, e.g., being disruptive or unduly fidgety etc. However as I researched ADHD I recognised that as with most behavioural disorders, there are a wide range of symptoms. Each child is different and as such, the treatment too has to be customised. My next concern was around the school and whether my child could continue in the mainstream. For a number of reasons, I had to change schools, and my search brought me to Legacy School Bangalore. 

From the time I walked into Legacy, clutching my child’s reports, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and understanding of the faculty. My child and I had a number of meetings with the grade teachers and the IE team. At every step I was reassured of the school’s commitment to supporting students who learned differently.

We are now in our second year at Legacy. While my child works at his pace, the support from the teachers has been incredible. My child is part of the mainstream and receives remedial support from a team of qualified educators who exemplify teaching being a vocation, a calling. 

Working with the grade teachers, the Inclusive Education team sets up an individual learning plan for my child for the year. We then have monthly reports and check-ins to monitor my child’s progress, making adjustments to the plan when required. With grade 5 being a check-point year, the school is now working with the Cambridge board to put in the accommodations needed to support my child through the first of many standardised exams he needs to clear.

For parents reading this and whose children struggle academically or display behaviours that concern, please remember neither are you a bad parent and nor is your child naughty or disobedient. Taking professional help will ensure your child has a happy childhood and builds a strong foundation for adulthood.

For my child’s teachers, my deepest gratitude to you for being pillars of support for my child and me.

For the Leadership Team at Legacy School Bangalore, you have an exceptional faculty! Thank you for celebrating diversity in learning and for giving every child the opportunity to blossom.

With hope for a better tomorrow for our children.

A mother…